More than adding an appeal to your home and showering in a bathroom that is more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, bathroom remodeling also provides a good addition of value to your overall home. When you are planning to remodel or renovate your home, you are simply giving more years of comfort and value to your home and to your family. 

Want to remodel your bathroom without splurging too much? Here are some things you can do about it. 

  1. Invest in a toilet that is low in flow

Having a toilet that is low in flow will help in conserving your water usage and can be a valuable asset when you plan to sell your home in the future. This is a smart move that will help in lessening the costs involved in your water needs.  

Another thing to consider is having a toilet that is mounted in the wall. Through having a toilet on your wall, you are opening up your bathroom more and you can also use Moore of the space. 

  1. Invest in a shower tile that is textured

The bathroom can get slippery when the tiles are exposed to water thus choosing the right tile in your bathroom remodeling journey is indeed a critical move in ensuring you and your family’s safety. Through the texture of the tile, the possibility of slipping is lessened. You can also choose smaller tiles to help with the slipping issue. Through using smaller tiles, you will have more grout introduced in your flooring thus, your feet can grip on the floor more. 

  1. Take your time and really think if you need that bath tub

It is almost a constant move to put a tub in every bathroom however do you really need or use it? If you have a challenging space for your bathroom, this might be a move you need to really think through. A tub can really consume the space in your bathroom and having it installed given that you will not use it in the future will only waste the space and get rid of the idea of a spacious and functional bathroom designed just for you. Always consider your need and if you do like your baths, then that is only the time you should take up some space. 

  1. Invest in a gigantic window

Having a window may be a counter flow for your need of privacy however if your bathroom is in your room and high up, having a gigantic window that is frosted will surely provide both solution to humidity problems as well as privacy problems. The bathroom is a place of moisture and having windows that are huge will really heat up the space and help eliminate excess moisture after you have used the bathroom. Through this, possible buildup of mold is eliminated.  

This will also provide a good amount of daylight in the space and will help in conserving your lighting use in the morning. Thus, you are not only eliminating possible mold buildup but you will also be saving energy. 

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