Solar Energy: All the Things You Need to Know

Before we proceed to other things that solar energy provides and is involved in, let us first define what solar energy is. 

Solar energy is a form of energy that is known to be the most abundant on Earth. Solar energy coming from the sun provides ten thousand times more than the needs of the whole world.  

Solar energy can be captured through the use of solar panels and can be transformed into electricity providing commercial spaces as well as residential spaces energy without having access to the energy provided by companies. It also provides energy that will not affect or contribute to the problem with pollution as well as to the crisis of climate change. 

What if the weather is not so sunny, will it still be able to provide electricity? 

The weather can alter the amount of energy and electricity transformed or provided into homes and businesses alike. If you want to know about the perfect time to gather a good amount of solar energy, it is a given that a sunny and clear any is the answer. However, did you know that the solar panels used for gathering the energy from the sun and responsible for transforming the solar energy gathered to electricity works better when the weather is cold?  

Puzzling right? Well, let me explain.  

When it is too hot or the temperature of the surrounding is too high, the solar panels produce a smaller amount of voltage thus leading to a lesser production of electricity.  

Do some places gather more solar energy than others? 

It is a given that some locations or places gets a lot more sun compared to others. However even if the solar energy produced in a specific location is relative, it does not necessarily mean that it is because of the weather of that specific location.  

The cloud plays a big role in the penetration of the solar radiation. Even though we know that the radiation from the sun can still penetrate the clouds, the cloud cover differs from time to time thus resulting to a relative efficiency with respect to the electricity produced by the solar panel. The percentage can go up and down depending on various factors.  

However, to sum up your confusion, solar panels can still work even when it is cloudy or cold or rainy. Yes, it can slightly affect the efficiency and the amount of energy transformed into electricity however the process still works and at the end of the day, you still have access to electricity through the help of solar energy.  

So, if ever you are living somewhere that is often more cloudy than other parts of the world, you can still take advantage of investing in a solar panel to aid you in your electricity needs. This will not only benefit you in your fight for conserving energy and handling your electricity bill needs but will also provide great help in the environment.  

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